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 The voices made me do it!

Phase I [June 1994]
I was in the USA, a non-tattooed person. Was feeling a little bored one weekend, decided to break the monotony of another weekend in the Hotel Bar and drive out to have a look around a Tattoo studio that I had seen advertised.
The original artwork that was traced to make my first tattooI had an idea that I might like a small tattoo, sort of hidden away. Despite my father having tattoo's I had always viewed them as 'common' and had (with hindsight) built a pre-conception of the stereotype sort of tattooed person... anyways... after an hour in the shop, looking around, meeting these 'dodgy' tattooed type folks, I decided to give it a go.

Got my first tattoo... I opted out of using existing flash because I wanted something unique. I visited the local Library and researched through some books on ancient Japanese artwork. I found the Image that I wanted.

I've still got the original framed on the wall in my Study. The original was in Black and White, but when I returned to Ancient Art Tattoo with my artwork in Hand I started talking to this dodgy looking tattooist, Eddie, who happily agreed to add some colour variations, and stick the ink in me.

The next day, purple was the colour and the inking began. There are some photos floating around... when I find them, they'll be updated here.

Phase II [July 2002]
A family holiday back to Roanoke to visit relatives.  This also meant a return visit to Eddie (who, quite amazingly remembered me as that 'English dood')... for a long planned extension to my little Japanese fella.


Barking mad with a very shiny head.


in all his glory. You cant see it but he wears cowboy boots. Honest! And a hat. He must really love John Wayne (and probably hates alligators)

Drawing Phase

July 2002 - Eddie has just sketched the basic ideas that we had discussed for my dragon half sleeve. Eleven in the morning'ish!

In progress.

After the red pen has been agreed... it's time to start laying down some ink witha more permanent nature.

Outline finished

It's colour packing time.

Give us a kiss you big hunk a lurve

Ancient Art Tattoo

The front desk as Ancient Art, downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

End of the day (July '02)

Dragons Head, body and claws.

End of the day (July '02)

Around 7pm... just about to cocoa-butter up and head out for a well earned beer!

End of the day (July '02)

from the rear

End of the day (July '02)

Smile sucker!

End of the day (July '02)

Shhhh.. it's the pigs!!!!


Phase III [November 2002]
Three months later, I was back in the States having changed jobs and taking some leave in between. Despite promising the missus that the tattoo stage was complete, I just didn't feel happy with the finished article. It didn't feel complete. Too much skin showing in between the ink, I guess?

Eddie tried to hide from me, but couldn't. So another afternoon in the chair was upon us.

I had just started working on this webpage so took lots of video footage of the tattoo process, inks involved, aftercare and everything. Got the video home, plugged it in to upload the media and Aaaargh the tape chewed up!!  f*@k!!!

All that survived was a couple of photos on another digital camera.

Phase IV [December 2003]
Christmas in Roanoke. Had a terrific couple of weeks in America, with the kids visiting grandma, papaw and hordes of uncles, aunties & cousins. Eating, drinking and generally making merry. Kids loved it, were showered with presents and spent every day running around like loons and enjoying themselves.

But a man can only take so much  ;)   I had to escape the madness, so snuck downtown to see Eddie for a slight extension to the sleeve.

It's only grown slightly this time, with a few inches of dark graduated shading being extended down past the elbow, my kids names and d.o.b. being etched within the shading (at least I have no excuses for missing birthdays now!). I also had an English Rose, copied from an England Rugby Shirt, etched below my elbow... just to add some colour... and a little patriotic symbol for myself.

Phase V [????]

Dunno. I've got a hankering for either filling in a cloud scene around the dragons head... or maybe going for the full sleeve. Not sure. But definitely this year.